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Don't just look at the price. Look at product quality when you purchase bra inserts for your own breast!
    Don't be fooled by bad seller. Here we will show you HOW TO CHOOSE QUALITY BRA INSERTS for your own~




1) Check its SIZE:
      Someone sells the silicone bra inserts on ebay with extraordinary cheap price. If you do not compare its size with ours, you will never know how they did it. Our product can increase breast size 1 1/2 to 2 full cups for you while other's will just make no difference!

2) Check its WEIGHT:
        Product weight of other brand's (cup C) is just half weight of ours (cup C). Why choose heavier inserts? It is because heavier inserts give your breast a full-and-rich look. Without such effect, lightweight inserts will only make your breast unnatural. People may easily nose out such unnatural from your dressing. In short, lightweight inserts can save postage cost for the bad seller but nothing can do for the end user!
3) Check its SOFTNESS:
      Quality bra inserts are supposed to be completely bendable as they are made of 100% pure soft silicone gel. Soft bra inserts will give your natural curves a sensual touch. They are comfortable, safe and specially designed to have the natural look, feel and softness of real breasts. However, if you unfortunately bought the hard inserts from other brand, your breast will look hard. Seems like you are wearing armor!


For saving money, certain bad makers use re-cycle material to produce silicone bra inserts (in our business field, we call it "re-grinded material"). This re-cycle material will make the bra inserts harder than normal. Moreover, such recycle-material-made bra inserts may possibly harm human's skin. Certain users may find red dot, irritation, itchiness on her skin after wearing such poor made bra inserts!


Besides, unlike adhesive bra inserts, our bra inserts are not glue-made so will never harm your breast.






4) Check its PACKAGING:
Some sellers claimed that to save the postage they won't send the original packaging to end users. Are they telling the truth? Maybe true or maybe not true. Some sellers cannot provide the original package because the item they sell is not a complete product at all. Such products didn't pass through the safety & quality control from the production line of factory and possibly they are harmful for your skin. Therefore, be wise; don't buy incomplete bra inserts on web!     










You are bidding on pair of oval-shaped Silicone Push-Up Bra Inserts
Available Sizes: Size A; Size B & Size C


*** Please Make Your Size Selection in the Notes at Checkout ***


(Each pair packed in Retail Box and will be shipped directly to you in a brown envelope.)






Below please check the approximate measurements for each piece of our insert.
1 in = 2.54 cm , 1 oz = 28.35 grams


### Advice for Bidder: Please order your original cup size without padding. However, if you are between sizes - get the larger size. ###


                         PRODUCT FEATURES:

                         1. Perfect for everyday use
                         2. Uplift breasts, enhance cleavage without a trace
                         3. With natural looking Sexy Raised Nipples
                         4. Made of 100% Quality Soft Silicone
                         5. Can be hand washed with warm water and soap
                         6 . Invisible. Only you know their existence


Happy Biding & Wish you have a nice day!